Calculating Asset Values

The following websites can be helpful in calculating asset values. The assets may require professional valuing, but these are good places to start:

Kelley Blue Book
Please print the “Private Party” value from Kelley Blue Book for the value of your vehicles.

Motorcycles, Boats, and RV’s:
The NADA website will provide values for other vehicles such as motorcycles, RVs and boats. Please print out any values you obtain.

Savings Bonds:
TreasuryDirect has a savings bonds calculator that will give you the value based on what type of savings bond you have and when it was purchased.

Real Property:
El Paso County Assessor
We will often require a market analysis or appraisal, but the county Assessor’s value is a good place to start.

Social Security:
Social Security Administration
Your Social Security report can be very helpful in evaluating your employment and earning history. Requesting a report is free and only takes a few minutes of your time.

I have experts I can refer you to for other personal property items such as vehicles, furnishings, guns, books, and other collections. I also have experts that I work with on a regular basis for real property values. Please contact me before hiring any outside professional to provide a value.