The following comments are excerpts from client satisfaction surveys distributed at the end of the process:

After our first 15 minutes together, I felt confident in your compassion and professionalism. You never let me down in either department!

I was repeatedly impressed by your confidence in your actions, and I always trusted you to put my best interest at the heart of whatever advice you offered me.

I thank you all for helping me through one of the most challenging and difficult times of my life.

Lisa stayed on top of the case and was proactive in finalizing it.

The thanks go to you and your team. I feel the team represented me with care and professionalism. I greatly appreciate everything you did for me.

Satisfied with the professionalism of how everything was addressed.

The fact that you explained everything thoroughly and gave helpful information but mostly feeling very comfortable talking.

Thank you for getting me through a terrible process with dignity and grace!

Most comfortable to talk to about a serious subject.

Everyone’s thoroughness. Lisa’s advice, counsel and knowledge was thoughtful and measured/practical.

Would you recommend?

Yes, because of Lisa’s thoroughness, the whole office’s thoroughness and the excellent communication and response time.

Lisa was prepared, knowledgeable and informative without pressuring me in any way.

A friend gave me Lisa’s telephone number and said she was brilliant! What an understatement! My longtime female friend, who was represented by opposing counsel to Lisa in a divorce case, was impressed with her HUSBAND’S lawyers’ (Lisa) legal skills and knowledge needed to get the job done.

Lisa has excellent credentials and a respected reputation. In addition, she has a higher level in interest and involvement in the field of family law than other lawyers.

Having the assistance of a skilled lawyer such as Lisa during my divorce, gave me the security of having someone on my side who knows what to do. Furthermore, I could talk to her in confidence about my situation and how best to deal with it. Lisa worked hard for me.

In the initial consultation, you answered questions straight forward and honestly. You didn’t give false hope of an outcome that wasn’t going to happen.

The billing was fair, at times more than fair. Detailed statements, very fair in charging time to the case.

A very small gesture to express my deepest gratitude for the diligent professionalism and tender care you and your team provided me. I would certainly recommend (and already have) your services to anyone. THANKS SOOOO MUCH!"

Everyone was very professional and everything was explained well throughout the process. Everyone in the office was very professional and respectful. I would recommend you as an attorney, for sure!

Your firm did exceed my expectations and your staff's extremely responsive service was something I'd never experienced before dealing with attorneys in other fields. Obviously divorce is one of the top stressors in life. I have talked to friends who said their divorce attorneys were as much of the problem as their ex-spouse. Not so in the case of your office and staff who made it infinitely more bearable.

I am very satisfied with the representation that Lisa provided and would absolutely recommend her to anyone going through divorce. She is knowledgeable, fair, tough when needed, caring, calm, kind and personable. She has many connections for outside resources that were invaluable to me.

I was most satisfied with Lisa’s sensitivity at a very difficult time in my life.

Lisa has a very calm, reassuring, positive personality. " In the midst of chaos and emotions, she was always in control. During our first meeting I could sense her confidence and fairness…two things that were very important to me.

Lisa is easy to talk to and has good staff. She shows a genuine desire to keep the process dignified. She did a great job!!!

I would recommend Lisa to my friends, family and co-workers. She kept me informed on every aspect of my case and did a great job for me!

Lisa and her staff were great to work with. I am confident that we resolved issues in a way that was fair and minimized time and costs. I will definitely refer clients to Lisa in the future.

I hired Lisa based on her reputation and experience with the collaborative model. She understood the unique aspects of my case and worked to help us reach the goals that we set within the model. I was very satisfied with the overall representation she provided. The fees were less than I expected.

Ms. Dailey was well organized, efficient with our time and generally calmed my fears about the entire divorce process.

I retained Lisa because my initial attorney was set to retire. She agreed to take my case and impressed me with her personality and organization.

I was satisfied with all aspects of Ms. Dailey's representation. It was clean, easy and without road bumps! I would recommend Lisa to friends, family and co-workers any time. I would be happy to be used as a reference.

I was very satisfied with Ms. Dailey's cooperation with opposing counsel; her prompt response to my questions and concerns either via phone or email and felt she represented my interests completely and fairly. She thoroughly explained fee structure and billing statements. The total fees were about what I had anticipated.

I was very pleased with the ease of the divorce process. Ms. Dailey's website was very helpful.

I appreciated the prompt attention to all issues presented.


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