Family Law

The best family law attorneys are excellent communicators, dedicated, and hard-working. Because the outcome of each family law case has far-reaching implications on multiple lives, the team at Dailey Law, P.C., is passionate about advocating for your best interests while demonstrating extra care and sensitivity if children are involved.

After more than thirty years of representing clients in divorce, custody, and other family law cases, the lawyers at Dailey Law, P.C., are focused on helping each client reach an equitable, fair resolution. Our services are tailored to meet each person’s needs, and we strive to help our clients reach their goals within the bounds of the law and help them move forward with their lives.

Please contact us if you need guidance and assistance.  Click on the menu below to learn more about the following areas:

  1. Divorce/Legal Separation
    1. Division of Property
    2. Prenuptial Agreement
    3. Post-Decree Attorney
  2. Child Custody/Visitation/Allocation of Parental Responsibilities
  3. Child Support
  4. Spousal Support/Maintenance and Alimony
  5. Grandparent Visitation Rights
  6. Complex Property Division
  7. Step-Parent Adoption
  8. Same Sex Marriage & Divorce
  9. Common Law Marriage
  10. Child Welfare/Dependency & Neglect/Termination of Parental Rights