Full service representation refers to the traditional lawyer-client relationship. If you choose to hire the Dailey Law team for a full range of services, your attorney will represent you in your family law case and will manage all aspects of your case, which includes:

  • Collecting all information, drafting, and filing the Petition or Response, as well as any other initial documents required to start your case;
  • Managing the disclosure and discovery process, including providing advice on what you must and need not disclose, and drafting and filing any required documents;
  • Filing or responding to Motions in a timely way to advance the case and protect your interests;
  • Representing you in Court hearings, including any status conferences, motions hearings, temporary orders hearings, and final orders hearings;
  • Representing you in negotiations, including settlement conferences and mediation;
  • Analyzing, providing advice about, and responding to settlement offers;
  • Analyzing and responding to communications from the other party or his/her lawyer;
  • Drafting, editing, finalizing, and filing all documents required to end your case, including Parenting Plans, Separation Agreements, and Proposed Decrees;
  • Providing advice on steps necessary to carry out the terms of any Final Order of the Court or agreement;
  • Identifying and retaining appropriate experts, including property or business valuators, accountants, financial planners, legal representatives of the children (CLR), parental responsibility evaluators (PRE), or child and family investigators (CFI); and
  • Providing legal advice at each step of the case so that you are educated about the benefits and risks of any decision you make.

There are several advantages of full-service representation. This model allows the Dailey Law team to provide a full range of services and deploy its resources to promote your best interests at each phase of your case. Full service representation also ensures that you do not miss deadlines and that your case is being managed properly and within the boundaries of the law.

Recognizing, however, that the costs of litigation can be uncertain and that not every client has the same needs, we also offer limited scope legal services to those who choose that model.

Please explore our website and contact our office at 719-473-0884 if we can assist you with any family law matter. We look forward to hearing from you soon!