Limited scope representation refers to an innovative legal services model in which we provide some, but not all, services included in our “full-service representation.”

For example, we may be able to assist you with:

  • Review and analysis of documents, including initial documents (like a Petition or a Response), you or your spouse’s Sworn Financial Statement and disclosures, any documents you intend to disclose to the other party, motions, settlement offers, and/or any agreements;
  • Knowing the range of likely and possible outcomes in Court based on the facts of your case;
  • Drafting necessary, Court-ordered, or useful documents;
  • Limited scope representation at Court hearings, including Temporary Orders, motions hearings, and status conferences; and/or
  • Analysis of your rights and obligations under any final agreement or Order of the Court.

Every case is unique, so services can be tailored and provided on a case-by-case basis.

There are several advantages to limited scope representation. While the costs of full-service representation can be difficult to estimate due to unpredictable factors (e.g., the other party’s or their attorney’s aggressiveness, the level of conflict between you and your spouse, the issues involved, the amount of contact between the other party or their lawyer and our office, and the other party’s knowledge or interpretation of the law), the lawyers at Dailey Law, P.C. have extensive experience with each individual task and can provide a reasonable estimate about how long each individual task will likely take. .

With limited scope representation, your lawyer(s) at Dailey Law, P.C. may not represent you at each phase of your case, and you may be responsible for managing the case and Court-imposed deadlines. Your attorney will be happy to discuss which option is best for you.

No matter which model you choose, you will receive the same high-quality, compassionate service that for which Dailey Law, P.C. is known. Please contact us at 719-473-0884 for additional information about our services and to set a consultation with our office.