Prenuptial or Premarital Agreements

A prenuptial, or premarital, agreement is a contract entered into prior to marriage or civil union that commonly includes provisions for the division of property and support upon death or divorce, or both.

Prenuptial agreements allow couples to define how they want assets and debts allocated. Deciding in advance of marriage provides couples with certainty of outcome and minimizes potential legal fees and costs in the event of death or divorce. Prenuptial agreements are often advisable if one party has significantly more wealth than the other; one or both partners own a business; and for partners who plan to have children. The terms of prenuptial agreements can vary widely, and the agreement may be deemed invalid if not properly prepared based on full disclosures of income and assets. As a result, it’s very important that you engage counsel such as Dailey Law, P.C. who have substantial experience in drafting and litigating prenuptial agreements.